A relaxed life style that allows the inhabitants of this urban area and its surroundings to enjoy an excellent quality of life.

Few people have heard of a magical place that preserves the atmosphere of the old Florida countryside while still providing all of life’s conveniences. It’s called Clewiston, a city in Hendry County, a territory full of history that began at the end of the 19th century with the agricultural revolution. This area publicly came to light through its great developments in the decade of the 70’s, when thousands of people, especially from the north of the United States, saw the opportunity here to have a portion of the Sunshine State at very reasonable prices and in areas surrounded by nature, adventure and wildlife.

Today in Hendry County, an environment has developed that combines rural life with urban style. Many areas have been subdivided in such a way that the land owners can combine agricultural activities of planting fruits and vegetables with the raising of animals. The city of Clewiston, called the Sweet City of America since sugar has traditionally generated the majority of its income, is no exception. The city has taken advantage of the its strategic location, in the eastern part of the county, on SR 80 and Lake Okeechobee, to create a life style based on parcels of land that provide all the infrastructure needed for development, but at the same time allow for the enjoyment of nature and agricultural activities.

Lake Okeechobee, a good way to enjoy nature

Today, the city of Clewiston is considered by fishing and boating enthusiasts to be the gateway to Lake Okeechobee. Its strategic location in the middle of Florida, equidistant from the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean and 12 miles from Lake Okeechobee, makes this beautiful city a meeting place for fishermen and boaters from all parts of the state and for the many visitors who come to this area to enjoy the climate, the wildlife and the access to the lake that only this city provides.

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